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Husband and Wife team with mutual songwriting interests, which started with our 1st ballad ‘Why’ and have since created a catalogue of some 20 Songs (ballads/Pop/light rock/instrumentals), plus a bank of ideas and current ‘5 projects’ awaiting final touches and production. Using Yamaha Keyboard for melody, and follow up with our lyrics and own vocals: assisted by our much admired vocal coach and adviser Zoe Devenish singer, songwriter, performer, multi-instrumentalist, with backing vocals.

We have been most fortunate to meet respected professional and accomplished people to help us with our Interest, starting with Muff Murfin (at his Kempsey Studio), who introduced us to Colin Owen and Paul Farrer, both of whom have created superb arrangements of some of our songs.

More recently we involved the gifted Oscar Bell in 3 arrangements, and currently have Matthew Devenish (whose credits include Nigel Kennedy and The Trees, etc) as our sound/mixing & recording’ guru. All have added to our knowledge and enjoyment in creating music and song. It seems we both were destined to enjoy the arts, because we took whatever singing or stage rolls we could at school or college, including choirs, then later we both enjoyed a brief involvement with a local theatre in a production of ‘Cabaret’.

‘Seeds’ of our songs are usually random, but some have stemmed from our song writing week-ends, (as with Red Headed Rock Star), or holiday events (as with ‘Misty Girl’) when we stayed with our stateside friends, LuAn & Bill in ‘Atlantic City’, and I (Pauline) did an ‘open-mike’ song with a Little Rock Band at a ‘Blues Café’ just off the ‘Board-walk’.

Three of our Songs feature New York, Manhattan and L.A. Attending songwriting weekends (including those with the very special Jo Sercombe), and retreats learning so much, and making some very special friends, this has been an important and rewarding part of our music interest.

We now feel more confident in our songwriting skills, and want to promote our songs to the music world, ideally to write for specific artists or have our songs taken up by a known label. Lately we have been taking a couple of ‘open mike’ spots singing covers at two venues, to keep our voices on form for our demos. We truly enjoy all that is music.

We are both members of
The Guild of International Songwriters & Composers 

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